The American Red Cross and the Johns Hopkins University Math Club are multiplying their efforts to fight malaria. The Johns Hopkins University Puzzle Hunt is a Da Vinci Code inspired scavenger hunt that will challenge teams to scour the JHU Homewood campus for clues in search of the coveted Fields Medallion. The event will take place on September 15 from 1 PM until 5 PM. All proceeds from the event will benefit the JHU Red Cross Corps and their Malaria Initiative. Registration is $5 per individual or $25 per team and is open to students and the general public.

Participants will also have a chance to win trophies and over $1000 worth of gift certificates from donors and sponsors, such as IKEA, Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Coldstone Creamery, and dozens more. Prizes will be awarded both to the teams with the fastest hunt completion times and to the team that raises the most money.  To view sample puzzles or to download registration forms visit
Malaria is a parasitic infection carried by mosquitoes from person to person. While it is preventable and even curable, it continues to kill more than one million people a year, most of them children in Africa. While low-cost cures have been developed, the disease has become resistant and has continued to spread. With other options of treatment too expensive for widespread use in impoverished nations, the American Red Cross has begun distributing insecticide-treated mosquito nets. To date, over 24 million nets have been distributed, saving more than 577,000 lives. Nets are especially effective in preventing malaria in infants and small children, the stage in life when malaria will most likely lead to death. For more information on malaria, please visit the American Red Cross’s website or the JHU Red Cross Website.

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