Now is the Time to Get “Red Cross Ready”

If there was something you could do to protect your family, strengthen our community, and potentially save yourself time and money, would you do it?  What if that “something” took only a few minutes and was explained in three simple steps? As the nation’s partner in disaster and emergency preparedness, the American Red Cross has seen the difference that preparing ahead of time can make on a person’s ability to respond to and recover from a disaster or first aid emergency.  We want you to have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with being prepared.  So this September, we invite you to join us as we celebrate National Preparedness Month with activities and outreach to help get Central Maryland prepared.    The American Red Cross recommends three simple actions anyone can take to “Be Red Cross Ready” for disasters and other emergencies: 1) Get a kit, 2) Make a plan and 3) Be informed.  The actions are outlined in a new online education module, available at This tool includes downloadable checklists as well as disaster-specific information, and preparedness tips for pets, seniors and people with disabilities. This information is also available as a brochure or community presentation through the Central Maryland Chapter.    Preparing for the unexpected has clear personal benefits, and when everyone prepares, the benefits extend to our entire community. We hope you will do your part by taking three simple steps to “Be Red Cross Ready” this September.   

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