It’s National CPR/AED Awareness Week

Learning CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can mean the difference between life and death for someone suffering from a medical emergency. During the first National CPR/AED Awareness Week, this June 1-7, the Central Maryland Red Cross encourages everyone to learn these important skills that could someday save a life.

“The Red Cross wants the public to know that everyone has the power to save a life. At least one person in every household and on every office floor should be trained and certified in first aid and CPR/AED,” says Nick Geier, Red Cross health and safety director. “On average, it takes emergency personnel 10 minutes to arrive on scene. For someone who is choking or has stopped breathing, that may be too late. By learning simple rescue skills, you can go from being a helpless bystander to a person with the ability to take control during an emergency.”

Just ask Fallston high school coach Dan Taylor who performed CPR on a bleeding and unconscious Chris Culver after the boy was hit in the face by a baseball early last month. Taylor saved the boy’s life using skills he learned during a recent CPR class.

Or ask Owings Mills High School sophomore Chelsea Smith. She and her mother Susan Smith saved the life of an elderly relative who collapsed during a family Seder dinner in April. Chelsea told a reporter: “It was scary, but I realized I was the only one there who knew what to do.”

The Red Cross is offering a CPR training and awareness event at the Maryland Science Center on Saturday, June 14 at 11:30 and 1:30. If you cannot attend this event, find out how to save a life by calling 410-624-2060 or visiting for more information on health and safety courses offered throughout the year.

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