June Volunteer of the Month

Red Cross volunteer Joe Wollman plans to start medical school next year. In the meantime Joe has a prescription for helping.

Joe got his start with the Red Cross about five years ago in his home state of Michigan with the Washtenaw County Chapter. There he educated the public about HIV/AIDS and worked with their youth program. Joe then took his passion for public health overseas when he joined the Peace Corps and spent two years in Zambia.

Once back in the United States, Joe went to school in Baltimore and volunteered with the Central Maryland Chapter’s measles and malaria initiative. Currently Joe is the Project Leader on the Red Cross Ready When the Time Comes program. Ready When the Time Comes trains volunteer teams from local companies and organizations to respond during local disasters. Joe coordinates events, researches potential partners and reaches out to businesses explaining how they can get help in their community.

The Red Crossers he works with have nothing but praise for Joe. “He’s passionate in helping others. He has shown professionalism and flexibility. Also, he is a great team player and fun to work with,” says Cheryl Abreu who nominated Joe as the Volunteer of the Month for June 2008.

We’re sure Joe will make a fine doctor. But we hope he will still make house calls to the Red Cross.

Volunteer Joe Wollman poses with his award.

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