Red Cross is Heaven-Sent

“It looked like a terrorist attack,” recalls Alice Lewis, whose Central Maryland home burned to the ground this year. “I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t even enter my block when I arrived in my neighborhood. Everything was darkened and charred. The first thing that went through my mind was that I didn’t see my family!”

Lewis’ family made it out safely. She found her daughters and grandchildren at about the same time that two Red Cross volunteers stepped forward to offer help. They provided emergency shelter for her family as well as food and clothing. Months later when Lewis moved into condominium, the Red Cross even helped her get settled by assisting with the first month’s rent, beds, linens, pots and pans—all the necessities Alice Lewis needed to recover from her losses.

“They were there for me,” Lewis says about the Red Cross. Lewis also says she has discovered what truly matters in life. “I didn’t have to go to shock trauma. I didn’t have to go to a burn unit. I didn’t have to prepare a eulogy for a lost loved one. The immediate response and the caliber of help that was given to my family and me by the Red Cross was truly heaven-sent.”

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