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Howard County Residents Continue to Help in IA

July 10, 2008

Central MD volunteers continue to make headlines for thier efforts in the midwest. Read all about it in todays Columbia Flyer.

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July 2, 2008

An American Red Cross relief worker carried a laundry basket loaded with hot meals and bottled water down a dark hallway to the apartment Bre Campbell shares with her sister and seven children.


Red Cross volunteers have been making this trip twice a day for a week.


“They’ve been really nice to us and really good to us,” Campbell said. “If it hadn’t been for them, there would have been a few days where these kids wouldn’t have eaten.”


Flooding in this city on the banks of the Iowa River didn’t reach Campbell’s second floor apartment, but electric power has been out in her neighborhood for more than a week ago. That leaves her with no operating stove or refrigerator.


Sue Wisdom is one of the Red Cross volunteers who have been delivering food to Campbell’s family and others in similar situations.  


“They’re beginning to get very tired. But they’re keeping positive attitudes,” Wisdom said of Iowans affected by the flooding. “They’re very thankful that the Red Cross is here and helping them.”


Wisdom came to Iowa nearly a week ago from Cleveland, Ohio. She plans to stay as long as she’s needed.


“I love the people. I love how they say ‘God bless you,” Wisdom said. “It’s a good feeling that we’re out here helping people.”  


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