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Maryland Red Crossers Help with Hurricanes

September 17, 2008

19 Central MD volunteers have been deployed to Texas and Louisiana to help with Hurricane relief efforts. Watch volunteer Rich Scanlan’s story here.

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Get Ready for Hurricanes

September 8, 2008

With Hurricane Gustav and Hannah making headlines this week, now is a good time to check and make sure that your family is hurricane-ready. MD doesn’t often experience the full brunt of such storms, but it is not out of the realm of possibility, as Hurricane Isabel proved. Even after hurricanes are downgraded, the continuing rain can bring storm surges, flooding, tornadoes, and other dangers to our area.

First and foremost, have a plan (that means remembering it too; a plan is useless if you don’t know it when you need it the most). Review it periodically with your family members, and make sure that you include the following things:

• A First-Aid kit: hurricane or not, a First-Aid kit is always a paramount necessity.
• Means of contacting each other in case of an emergency: this can include emergency phone numbers, meeting places, etc.
• An evacuation plan: it is never safe to sit in the path of an incoming hurricane. Know in advance where you can evacuate to (include also out-of-town friends, family, etc., that you can stay with in the case of a larger and more destructive storm).
• Preparations for pets: many shelters may or may not accept family pets, so plan accordingly.
• Check your insurance policy: after a destructive hurricane, flood coverage and other insurance provisions are critical to the recovery process.
• And last but not least, pay close attention for weather forecasts in your area!

For more information on how you can protect you and your family from hurricanes, visit

(Thanks to youth CDE member Hans Zhang for this information.)


August 28, 2008

A Red Cross ERV stands Ready to Roll.

A Red Cross ERV stands Ready to Roll.

Baltimore area Red Cross volunteer recruitment is beginning in the event that Hurricane Gustav comes ashore in the Gulf States. Emergency services volunteers experienced in sheltering, feeding, health and mental health services are on stand-by and tomorrow two teams of local volunteers will be driving a pair of emergency response vehicles (ERV’s) south to preposition for the storm.

Once they arrive at an Alabama staging area, they will stock the vehicles with food, water, clean up and comfort kits.