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June 25, 2008

Central Maryland has deployed four additional workers to assist the victims of the current flooding in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Some of the deployed include:

Kelly Formoso, also from Baltimore, MD, is working as a Client Casework Supervisor in Cedar Rapids.

James “Jim” Gourley, of Anne Arundel County, is working as an Emergency Response Vehicle Driver in Madison, WI.

Wen Pan, of Howard County, is also working as a Emergency Response Vehicle Driver in Cedar Rapids, IO. Doug Lent, of Baltimore City, is working as an Public Information Officer in Cedar Rapids. (See article below.)

Mid-west Flooding

June 13, 2008

The Central MD Chapter is sending two Red Crossers to mid-west to help those affected by flooding. One disaster mental health volunteer is departing for Wisconsin today and one Disaster Public Affarirs volunteer (me) will leave for Iowa on Monday. More details soon.